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The Application of Information Technology and e-Business

A common theme in much of TEAM's work is in the application of ICT / e-business solutions to the delivery and management of tourism services by both tourism destination organisations and tourism businesses. We have undertaken about a hundred projects of this type in many countries, for destination organisations at national, provincial/regional, city and local level. They have included overall e-business/digital strategies, specification of destination e-business systems, planning and design of web sites, identification of best e-booking solutions, planning for development and sales of smart card products, comparative evaluation of destination websites, social media strategies, etc.

Our approach is business orientated, with a strong focus on the needs and requirements of the customer, internal or external. The aim is to enable them to operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness in their tourism marketing, visitor servicing and sales and, crucially, to enable tourism organisations and businesses within the same region or country to work together on a fully networked basis.

TEAM has undertaken a wide variety of work related to destination e-business for international organisations:

  • TEAM has recently completed the Second Edition of the Handbook on e-Marketing for Tourism Destinations for the European Travel Commission (ETC) and World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) - a fully revised and extended version, due to be published by UNWTO early in 2014. The handbook provides an overview of current practices in the field of e-marketing as well as practical information on developing destination e-marketing strategies and action plans using cutting edge technology.
  • We previously co-authored two other UNWTO e-business publications, Marketing Tourism Destinations Online and e-Business for Tourism - Practical Guidelines for Tourism Destinations and Businesses.
  • TEAM has also presented at UNWTO e-business seminars and conferences in many countries throughout the world.
  • TEAM operated the New Media Trend Watch - a web-based source of intelligence about the use of new media in all the major markets of the world - from 2001-2013 for the European Travel Commission.
  • In addition, TEAM played a major role in the programme development and delivery of the first two e-Business Academies for the ETC, attended by the new media / e-business staff of many of Europe's national tourist offices.

More Information About TEAM's Work

Click on the link at the top of the page to view a complete list of TEAM’s projects or, for a list of projects relating specifically to The Application of Information Technology and e-Business work, use the link provided here.

Current and Recent Projects

TEAM has undertaken many projects specifically in this field and, as a result of this range of experience, we have developed methodologies, techniques, templates and benchmarks, which enable us to undertake such work with maximum cost-effectiveness.

  • The Second Edition of the Handbook on e-Marketing for Tourism Destinations (2013) prepared for ETC and UNWTO.
  • An e-commerce solution and business plan for Tourism Western Australia.
  • A Digital Marketing Framework for Tourism Partnership Mid Wales.
  • Preparation of Development and Marketing Strategy via Social Media for the Slovenian Tourist Board.
  • Research on Technology in Tourism for Scottish Enterprise.
  • Research into optimising the use of technology for tourism in Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group.
  • Booking systems research and analysis for BIT Reiseliv, and follow-on work including summary of key findings and conclusions and dissemination project.
  • e-Business education and training for staff for Fáilte Ireland. Other work for Fáilte Ireland has included consultancy on e-business, including analysis of e-commerce options.
  • Workshop facilitation - Winning Through Innovation for Scottish Enterprise.