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team - The Consultancy for Tourism Dstinations
20 September 2017

Introducing TEAM International...

TEAM has built up an international team of specialist tourism consultants who are well positioned to undertake major consultancy, training and operational assignments for tourism destinations in any part of the world. The members of our team are based in Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Perth (WA), Cape Town, Johannesburg, France, Barcelona, The Hague, Frankfurt, Munich, Vancouver, Brussels, London, Edinburgh and other UK locations.

Dr Roger Carter Managing Director
Roger is a leading international expert on tourism destination management and marketing. Following many years working at CEO level for destination management and marketing organisations (DMOs), he established TEAM Tourism Consulting in 1997.

Nasser Y. Alissa Associate (Saudi Arabia)
Nasser has fifteen years experience of working in tourism in Saudi, including seven years for the SCTA. He is one of the founders of Saudi Generations CF, specialises in advising on corporate sustainability & social responsibility, research & development, relationship marketing systems and enterprise resource planning.

Dr Sheree-Ann Adams Associate (Grenada, Caribbean / UK)
Sheree-Ann is a responsible and sustainable tourism expert and has been actively involved in Grenada’s tourism development over the past twenty years.

Alessandra Alonso Associate (London, UK)
Alessandra has over 15 years of experience working in the travel and tourism sector. She has two broad areas of expertise: marketing and communications and learning and development, which has been the focus of her work over the last 6 years.

Graham Barrow Associate (Cheshire, UK)
Graham provides TEAM with specialist experience in heritage and countryside management and development and in related community involvement matters. He was previously Director of the National Centre for Environmental Interpretation (CEI) at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Gavin Bell Associate (Romania)
Gavin with over 20 years’ experience in the field specialises in sustainable tourism, integrated rural development and protected areas. Previously he has worked with several major international projects in project management and promotional roles.

Simon Bradley Associate (NY, USA)
Simon has over 20 years’ experience in the global travel and tourism industry covering a wide range of public and private sector organisations in the UK, USA, Canada, Scandinavia and Latin America. He has been based in New York for the last ten years, initially as Regional Director, Americas for VisitBritain, followed by VP Marketing for Virgin Atlantic Airways and most recently SVP Marketing Strategy for The Madison Square Garden Company.

James Chilton Associate (Republic of Ireland)
James is a Dublin based specialist in destination and product development. He is a Chartered Town Planner, an experienced project manager and a sustainable tourism advisor.

Carmel Dennis Associate (London, UK)
Carmel Dennis has worked in travel and tourism for over 20 years at a variety of operational and management levels. Her particular expertise is in the fields of conferences and business travel, visitor information services and destination marketing.

Mike Elcock Associate (Canada)
Mike has 25 years' experience within the tourism industry, working in Canada, the US, New Zealand, and in several EC countries. He has developed / managed projects in areas such as operations, management, finance, market analysis and marketing.

Carole Favre Associate (UK)
Carole works in destinations to develop unique and creative experiences, helping them gain market advantage by identifying their unique selling points. She specialises in teaching small tourism businesses how to access markets, supporting them in designing their business plan, and understanding current trends in customer needs and digital marketing.

Karin Elgin-Nijhuis Associate (The Netherlands)
Karin specialises in online branding and marketing and has extensive experience in helping organisations and companies develop and optimise their web activities and e-business. Karin is responsible for the development of TEAM business in The Netherlands.

Dr Mike Fabricius Associate (South Africa)
Mike is an experienced tourism manager, strategist, planner and project implementer who has, during the past 15 years, held senior management positions in government, semi-government, business and academic sectors.

Duane Fast Associate (Canada/China)
Duane is a cultural and natural heritage interpretation specialist with extensive experience in the US, Canadian and Chinese markets. He shares his time between his two offices in Beijing and Vancouver.

Sue Faulkner Associate (Hampshire, UK)
Sue specialises in advising DMOs on e-business and online marketing strategies and operational plans. She also specialises in securing external funding for tourism projects; and designing and delivering e-business animation and training workshops.

Sue Garland Associate (Cambridgeshire, UK)
Sue has more than 30 years' experience working in the tourism destination business. Until 2004, she was Deputy Chief Executive of the British Tourist Authority, following which she moved into consultancy.

Dr Robert Govers Associate (Belgium)
Robert is a researcher, speaker and author on place branding and an independent advisor for national, regional and city government administrations. He specialises in Place Image and Identity, Marketing, Strategy, Consumer Experience, Place Branding (Destination Branding, Nation Branding, City Branding), Place Competitiveness, Tourism Economics, ICT in Tourism.

Roy Graff Associate (London, UK)
Roy is an accomplished Business Development and Marketing specialist with an e-commerce focus who has covered all aspects of strategy, sales and marketing. He possesses China business and culture expertise as well as speaking fluent Mandarin.

Andreas Hauser Associate (Germany)
Andreas has an academic background in business economics and tourism management and is a university lecturer for tourism development and carries out training in intercultural management. He speaks fluent German, English, Spanish and Italian.

Iris Hillier Associate (Spain)
Iris is a marketing specialist with over 10 years experience in international marketing management. She has developed strategic and operational marketing plans for destinations and has been responsible for national and international promotion of products and services.

Jennifer Houiellebecq Associate (Canada)
Jennifer has extensive experience in destination planning, development, and marketing, product development and organisational analysis, and has worked on a wide range of tourism projects in Canada, Australia, the Caribbean Region, China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.

Rafael Isun Associate (Spain)
Rafael is a partner of TEAM Hotel & Resort Development, TEAM's Associate Company based in Barcelona, Spain. He has longstanding hotel industry experience and has been involved in the planning of hotel projects in Spain, Dubai, Croatia, Morocco, Greece, Ukraine, Portugal, Brazil, and Georgia.

Al Karaki Associate (South Africa)
Al's primary expertise lies in ICT and e-business and he is an accredited UNWTO expert in the e-business / e-tourism sector and contributor to the new ETC / UNWTO e-Marketing Handbook for Destinations, prepared by TEAM.

Susan Kennedy Associate (USA)
Susan Kennedy is a cultural heritage and sustainable tourism specialist with expertise in marketing and branding. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of tourism including both the private-sector and in international development and has consulted on USAID, World Bank (IFC), GIZ and JICA projects. She is also a Russian speaker.

Mady Keup Associate (France)
Mady specialises in destination and business tourism marketing and has extensive international management experience gained with the British Tourist Authority (now VisitBritain) and Visit London. Mady is fluent in six European languages.

Rob McInnes Associate (Oxfordshire, UK)
Rob is an environmental consultant who specialises in wetland ecosystems. He has over 20 years of experience in wetland conservation, management, assessment and restoration and has particular expertise in understanding the multiple benefits provided by the wise use of wetland ecosystems.

Dr Alastair Morrison Associate (China)
Alastair specialises in tourism and hospitality marketing, has lived and worked in five different countries and has had a wide variety of experience in the global tourism industry.

Sarah Osborne Associate (UK)
Sarah has 20 years experience in Destination Management and Marketing, focusing most recently on location tourism, attractingvisitors to destinations central to popular film or TV series. With eight years as Tourism Manager for Windsor, and two years training and managing guides in Singapore, her broad skills base includes visitor services, marketing, training, strategy and implementation. She has particular expertise in working with the travel trade,industry partners, volunteers and museums.

Sean Owens Associate (London, UK)
Sean has more than 20 years’ management experience in the tourism sector. He has multinational hotel experience in the US and the UK, as well as having managed resort hotels in Greece. He helped devise and deliver upon sustainable development strategy at TUI Travel PLC, the world’s largest tour operator, and has overseen sustainable development projects worldwide.

Stephen Page Associate (London, UK)
Stephen is a sustainable tourism expert. He has a wide range of expertise and experience spanning over 20 years as both a consultant and international academic, having worked in the UK and New Zealand with the last 9 years in Scotland. He has a wealth of experience of research in the following areas: sustainability; crisis management & continuity planning; transportation; health & safety; urban tourism; and research evaluations.

Tinkara Pavlovcic Kapitanovic Associate (London, UK)
Tinkara has more than 14 years hands-on experience in developing e-business at national level in the tourism industry. Before her move to London in 2012, she was Head of e-Business and Strategic Projects division at the Slovenian National Tourist Board (STB), following which she moved back to consultancy. She also acts as Marketing Director at IFITT (International Federation of IT and Travel & Tourism).

Linda Pereira Associate (Portugal)
Linda, who has dual nationality (Portuguese and British), is one of the most influential voices in the meetings industry. She is Executive Director of CPL Events, a company that has offices in Lisbon, Madrid, São Paolo, Cape Verde and Macao. She is respected internationally as a consultant, speaker, writer and as an educator in business tourism. She has been involved in the development of new market positioning and strategies in the USA, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Egypt, Cape Verde, United Kingdom, Dubai, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Brazil, South Africa and Germany. She is also a consultant to several Governments.

John Pritchard Associate (Birmingham, UK)
John has 35 years’ experience in tourism marketing and project management and has expert knowledge of researching and preparing detailed analyses of the European, North and South American, the Gulf and Australasian source travel markets. He has broad experience of market research and planning, market repositioning, tourism product audits, destination management strategies, stand-alone and integrated overseas tourism offices and destination marketing organisations.

Paul Rogers Associate (Australia)
Paul has almost twenty years experience as a senior tourism advisor to national tourism organisations and has worked in more than a dozen countries in South and South-East Asia and Africa. His focus has been in the policy and planning arena – on using tourism as a vehicle for development.

Howard Smith Associate (Cornwall, UK)
Howard's core expertise is helping DMOs re-engineer their business processes, apply e-business techniques and manage the organisational change process. Before joining TEAM, Howard worked in business development for 12 years.

Dr Anna Spenceley Associate (South Africa)
Anna is a tourism consultant with nearly 20 years international experience. She is an expert in sustainable and responsible tourism and has lived and worked in English, French, and Portuguese speaking developing countries for 17 years.

Steven Thorne Associate (Canada)
Steven specialises in 'place-based' cultural tourism, an approach that capitalizes on a destination's unique cultural character and sense of place. He is known for his pioneering strategies and processes to help cities, towns, and regions realize their potential for cultural tourism.

David Ward-Perkins Associate (France)
David is an expert in the development of tourism destinations that have a strong cultural or environmental character. He has experience both of large-scale regeneration projects and of the development of smaller destinations. He has a solid business background, in particular in marketing and management. Based in France, he has delivered projects in countries throughout Europe, in North America and in the Middle East.

Garry White Associate (Indonesia)
Garry has 27 years destination marketing experience and has lived and worked in 12 leading international cities across five continents. He brings an international perspective combined with strategic and marketing experience to the practice of promoting Cities, Regions and Nations through public-private partnerships.

Peter Whitehead Associate (UK)
Peter is an urban planner / architect with more than 25 years’ experience working as a Master planner in multi-disciplinary practices internationally and in the UK.


Visit our TEAM UK page for details of Associates based in the UK.