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Archive News - 2009

A Tourism Vision and Strategy for VisitEngland

(Added October 2009)
Over the summer of 2009, TEAM worked with VisitEngland to prepare a draft Tourism Vision and Strategy for England. VisitEngland has now taken ownership of the document and is engaged in discussions with key partners about refining the strategy and developing partnership action plans for each of five 'pillars' of the strategy.

TEAM Prepares Visitor Economy Strategy for One NorthEast

(Added October 2009)
Following completion of its work on collating an evidence base for tourism strategy development, TEAM was commissioned in spring 2009 to assist One NorthEast in the preparation of a new regional visitor economy strategy. The first draft of the strategy was prepared in August and is currently going through various rounds of key player consultation, before a more formal public (or semi-public) consultation exercise takes place later this year.

Weathering the Storm of Global Recession

(Added August 2009) the title of the World Tourism Organization's 5th International Conference on Destination Management which will be taking place from the 21st to 22nd September in Hangzhou, China.

TEAM has assisted the UNWTO in the development of the programme for the conference; and TEAM's MD, Roger Carter, will be giving a keynote presentation on the global economic crisis and its impact on destinations.

Conference: Creating Great Destinations

(Added August 2009)
What is it that makes destinations distinctive and appealing? How can we foster and develop a sense of place in ways which have strong visitor appeal?

The Creating Great Destinations conference is for senior people in local authorities, developers and businesses who want to hear more about how to create a sense of place which recognises historical context but caters for contemporary visitor demand. The conference will look at the components which make a great destination, provide insights into visitor needs and perspectives and, crucially, consider what can be done to create great visitor destinations.

With a mix of international and home-grown speakers, taking case studies from the region and Europe, the conference promises an absorbing and informative look at the Northwest's visitor economy in an altogether new light. TEAM is working with Blue Sail to help the NWDA organise the programme for the conference which will be held in Liverpool, UK, on Wednesday 21st October.

New Strategy for NorthEast England

(Added July 2009)
Hadrianís Wall in North East England. Photo © current North East Regional Strategy for Tourism ends in 2010 and TEAM Tourism Consulting is busy working with One NorthEast to develop a new Visitor Economy Strategy for the region. TEAMís role includes the consolidation and interpretation of all relevant evidence, drafting the strategy and managing the consultation process and preparing an action plan.

VisitEngland Tourism Strategy Work Begins

(Added July 2009)
TEAM has been asked to produce an inspiring, evidence-based vision and strategy for the development of tourism in England over the next ten years. The project, which will include intelligence gathering, strategy development and consultation, aims to inspire and guide Englandís tourism industry.

Tourism Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

(Added July 2009)
TEAM has been working with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities on two major tourism development projects. First, we have researched the tourism development potential of the Yanbu Northern Coastal Front area and produced a creative development vision and strategic framework for the future; secondly, we have undertaken a Tourist Sites Development Study in the Al-Lith Governorate of the Makkah Al-Mukaramah Province.

Improving Insight Through Intelligence

(Added July 2009)
Improving Insight from Intelligence is a project that TEAM is carrying out for the Northwest Development Agency. The project aims to improve the way in which research findings (from both national and regional research) are used to support the regionís strategic objectives for development of the visitor economy. Examples include the collation of data on inbound tourism, visits to attractions and the implications of the current economic recession.

Planning a major new heritage park in Xiían, China

The city walls of Xiían in China.(Added July 2009)
Working with the Xi'an Qujiang Daming Palace Heritage Area Protection and Reconstruction Office (an agency of the Xiían city government in China), TEAM and Oxford Archaeology have produced a Development, Management and Marketing Plan for the Daming Palace Heritage Park and are now helping to implement it, supporting the local team up until the site is open in October 2010.