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Archive News - 2011

Belize tourism marketing study.

(Added November 2011)

The Embassy of Belize in Brussels (Belgium) has appointed TEAM to formulate a travel trade and consumer engagement plan that will develop the potential of the EU market for tourism to Belize. The output of this project will include a report with a three-year costed action plan.

Durham Conference Facilities Feasibility Study.

(Added November 2011)

TEAM is working with The Right Solution (TRS) on a study into the conference market for Durham. This will look at the current market place, potential for growth, and the strength of the current offer. It will outline the scope for growth and look at specific opportunities for future venue related development.

Regional tourism strategy for North East Anatolia.

(Added November 2011)

TEAM is working with Technopolis Turkey on the development of a regional tourism strategy for North East Anatolia. TEAM has participated in a review of the region's assets and SWOT analysis, workshops and preparation of the strategy.

E-marketing Handbook for Tourism Destinations 2012 Edition.

(Added October 2011)

Wishing to update the Handbook on E-Marketing for Tourism Destinations they published in 2008 (and written by TEAM Tourism Consulting in 2007), ETC and UNWTO re-commissioned TEAM to prepare the 2012 Edition. The publication was aimed primarily at NTOs and other destination management organisations (DMOs) and has proven to be a most valuable guide for their staff to efficiently initiate, oversee and continuously improve their e-marketing programmes. The 2012 edition will be published primarily as an online version, easily kept up-to-date.

Monmouthshire Destination Partnership Project.

(Added September 2011)

Monmouthshire County Council has commissioned TEAM to undertake two key tasks, including: the establishment of a new Monmouthshire Destination Partnership as the strategic body for tourism in Monmouthshire; and the development of the initial 3-year Destination Action Plan that will form the basis of the new Destination Partnership's work alongside the implementation of the Destination Marketing and Brand Strategy that will be developed through a concurrent consultancy project.

Tourism Development Strategy for Diyarbakir Province.

(Added August 2011)

TEAM recently partnered with the Technopolis Group in Turkey to formulate a tourism development strategy for Diyarbakir province. The exercise was commissioned by the provincial Governor of Diyarbakir and financed by the Regional Development Agency. TEAM senior consultant Mike Fabricius visited the area and interviewed a range of stakeholders to establish the critical catalysts for tourism growth. Among others, the strategy contains guidelines pertaining to Diyarbakir's market positioning, product development directives for enhancing and leveraging the superb historical and cultural heritage of the area (such as the 5.5km long historic city wall constructed of volcanic basalt), promotional proposals as well as guidelines for developing human resources and involving the local community in tourism. The area has one of the highest unemployment rates in Turkey and it is envisaged that tourism growth could alleviate poverty and create jobs.

Thompson Okanagan Regional Tourism Strategy.

(Added June 2011)

TEAM's Managing Director, Dr Roger Carter has started work with Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) on the process for preparing a ten-year Tourism Strategy for its region of British Columbia. This strategy will establish a framework for the ongoing development of tourism within the Region and will provide a strategic context and 'road-map' for all stakeholders involved in product development, marketing and visitor services.

Development and Marketing Strategy via Social Media for Slovenian Tourist Board.

(Added May 2011)

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) wishes to develop an efficient model for the development and marketing of Slovenia as a tourist destination and for the promotion of the Slovenian tourist offer via social media. To this end, STB has selected TEAM Tourism Consulting to prepare its Development and Marketing Strategy via Social Media in 2011-2012.

Edinburgh Tourism Strategy for ETAG.

(Added May 2011)

The Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG), its key partners and stakeholders have appointed TEAM to develop a new Edinburgh Tourism Strategy which sets a clear and ambitious vision for Edinburgh for the period to 2020 and acts as a focus for action by all of the industry groups and by local and national agencies.

Research on Technology in Tourism for Scottish Enterprise.

(Added March 2011)

TEAM has been commissioned by Scottish Enterprise to carry out this research on technology in tourism with the aim to assist the tourism sector in Scotland to embrace technology and adopt existing, new and emerging technologies through awareness, signposting and support, in order to ensure that tourism businesses are prepared and able to fulfil changing market needs and realise new opportunities. It will look at the impact of technology on the sector, with particular to the way in which visitors' perceive, book, feedback and experience Scotland.

UNWTO Publication - Policy and Practice for Global Tourism.

(Added February 2011)
PORTADA_AvionesDePapelTEAM has recently completed an ambitious project for the World Tourism Organization - a publication entitled Policy and Practice for Global Tourism. The publication is an easy to use reference, aimed at the private sector, which reinforces the UNWTO's institutional position as an essential reference in world tourism by exhibiting the organization's work and that of its Affiliate Members. The publication brings together ten of the most important issues in tourism today. Each of these issues is introduced with a summary of key concepts and relevant UNWTO policy. The practical application of these issues is illustrated with case studies, provided by UNWTO Affiliate Members and accompanied by opinion pieces from leading international experts.

Commenting on TEAM's involvement in delivering the publication Peter Jordan, UNWTO Affiliate Members Secretariat said "We have been highly satisfied with TEAM Tourism Consultings's work through every stage of editing Policy and Practice for Global Tourism. Bringing together a publication which aims to capture the major themes in world tourism today is a major task and this publication included the participation of a wide range of actors both inside and outside the UNWTO. TEAM's coordination of these contacts and their subsequent contributions was both efficient and professional. The finished product is well-written, relevant and concise, and for this we must thank TEAM".

For further information click here.

Study of the US Outbound Travel Market for Europe.

(Added December 2010)
TEAM Tourism Consulting in partnership with Yellow Railroad and market research company TNS-Research International has been commissioned by the European Travel Commission & the UNTWO to undertake a study of the United States Outbound Travel Market for Europe. There are three elements of research:

  • Analysis of all existing available research on the US outbound market
  • In-depth interviews with the travel trade
  • Focus group research with US consumers.
The key results and conclusions from these different elements will be brought together into a single integrated report to guide future marketing policy.