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Archive News - 2012

UNWTO report 'Tourism in Europe: Working Together Towards 2030'.

(Added November 2012)

TEAM Tourism Consulting has been commissioned by the UNWTO to produce a substantial report on the current situation of tourism in Europe.

This forms part of a series of Regional Reports which analyse the current challenges and opportunities facing tourism in different world regions. This report will present the perspectives of the UNWTO Member States and Affiliate Members in Europe on the current situation for tourism in the region, and explore what preparations are being made and need to be made in the future to adapt to the trends that have been forecasted in Tourism Towards 2030.

Estonia Business Tourism Development Strategy.

(Added November 2012)

Enterprise Estonia has commissioned The Right Solution, partnering with TEAM Tourism Consulting, develop a Business Tourism Development Strategy for Estonia. The three main objectives of the project are to:

  1. To evaluate the current market position and the future market potential of Estonia as a meeting destination for international conferences and fairs.
  2. To identify the barriers that are preventing the Estonian conference industry from meeting its full potential.
  3. To make recommendations of the necessary interventions to improve the market position of Estonia as a meetings destination in future.

Tourism Technology Edinburgh: Review and Update, 2012

(Added November 2012)

Towards the end of 2010 ETAG published a Vision and Action Plan to address the challenges and maximise the opportunities of technology for the tourism sector in Edinburgh. Since then, there have been significant developments relating to its implementation:

  • Preparation and publication by ETAG of the Edinburgh 2020 tourism strategy and action plan, which provides a strategic rationale and framework for the Tourism Technology Edinburgh project
  • Implementation of the ETAG programme of technology conferences, briefings, and workshops, which has achieved high levels of participation
  • Achievement of funding for the 'Connected Capital' project (
  • VS redesign and relaunch of and
  • Publication by Tourism Intelligence Scotland of a handbook for tourism businesses on making the best use of new technology.

Given these initiatives and anticipated future developments, such as the advent of 4G, ETAG has commissioned TEAM to review and revise the 2010 Action Plan, in close consultation with key players who may be involved in implementation. The updated Plan will focus on a realistic number of priorities for action by ETAG's stakeholders over the next three to five years.

Tourism Malaysia Workshop on Evaluation of Tourism Promotion.

(Added August 2012)

In July 2012, TEAM, working on behalf of UNWTO, planned and delivered a workshop on the evaluation of Tourism Malaysia's Advertising and Promotional Effectiveness.

The three-day workshop in Malaysia included group discussions, case studies and presentations focusing on tourism marketing effectiveness, offline and online marketing. Specific opportunities and next steps were also identified and discussed.

Following the workshop, TEAM submitted to UNWTO a mission report on the workshop.

Warwickshire Visitor Economy Framework & Implementation Plan.

(Added July 2012)

Warwickshire County Council has appointed TEAM Tourism Consulting for the development of the Warwickshire Visitor Economy Framework and Implementation Plan.

The aim of the project is to form one overarching framework that will focus on shared priorities and interventions in support of the tourism sector in Warwickshire to compete to retain and gain more business.

The project will also produce a Tourism Policy for Warwickshire County Council that will identify and prioritise their tourism investment priorities that will support the delivery of the council's corporate ambitions.

TEAM will undertake a number of areas of work including consultation and interviews with key stakeholders in the area, and analysis of the current product, markets and brand offer. These will inform the development of a series of options that will provide the basis for shaping the final Framework.

Richard Smith will project manage this assignment and lead our consultancy team that includes the following key experts: Andrew Keeling, Penny Baker; and Carmel Dennis.

A Tourism Vision and Action Plan for Adur and Worthing.

(Added July 2012)

TEAM, in partnership with Hidden Britain, has been appointed by Adur District Council & Worthing Borough Council to prepare a Tourism Vision and Action Plan for Adur and Worthing. The Vision will be used to direct the delivery of tourism development and marketing of the destination for the next 20 years.

The work is to include a thorough tourism audit; stakeholders interviews and engagement; consumer testing; situation report and draft vision; followed by further working group discussion and stakeholder consultation.

TEAM Associate, Richard Smith, is managing the project. He specialises in strategy development and action planning and destination research. He has worked with TEAM for more than 10 years where he has managed a range of strategy and action planning projects in a number of different types of destination. In addition, he has led on the majority of TEAM's work in destination auditing and research and developed specific frameworks for this type of activity.

Towards a Long Term Tourism Strategy for West Lothian.

(Added April 2012)

visitwestlothian (VWL) has appointed TEAM Associate, David MacIntyre, as a workshops facilitator to work with the VWL long-term strategy group and other selected stakeholders. The aim of these workshops will be to develop a long term vision for the development of tourism in West Lothian and the next steps in taking it forward.

Strategic Framework Case Studies for VisitEngland.

(Added April 2012)

TEAM has been appointed by VisitEngland to prepare a series of case studies, each demonstrating success in one or more priority areas, as set out in the "Strategic Framework for Tourism 2010-2020". TEAM has also been tasked with the preparation of guidelines for the development of all future case studies relating to the current Framework, and the provision of recommendations concerning a rolling programme of case studies over the next two years.

Wrexham Destination Management Plan.

(Added March 2012)

Wrexham County Borough has appointed TEAM to draw up a Destination Management Plan (DMP) for the five years 2012 to 2017. The work will include a thorough audit of Wrexham's tourism offer and markets; stakeholder interviews and engagement; situation report; and planning workshop leading to the draft Destination Management Plan, identifying a five-year strategic approach to developing tourism in the area. The final stage of developing the Destination Management Plan will be to share the draft documents with stakeholders, partners and tourism businesses for their views and comments before they are finalised.

Study into the development of International Business Tourism for Coast to Capital LEP.

(Added February 2012)

TEAM has been appointed by the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership to undertake a study into the development of International Business Tourism in the area. The work has two main dimensions: the understanding of the current position (effectively providing an evidence base of the scale and dimensions of the international visitor economy); and the development of an approach to international business tourism. The later will include undertaking a qualitative assessment of the offer in the area and developing international business offers and scoping approaches to collaborative activity in this area. The work will include extensive stakeholder interviews and concept testing. The work will be carried out by the following three TEAM associates - Carmel Dennis (Project Manager), Mady Keup, and Richard Smith.

Southern Downs Tourism Strategy (Australia).

(Added February 2012)

TEAM is now working on the preparation of a Tourism Strategy and local actions plans for Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) in Australia. The project aims at establishing longer-term priorities for the tourism industry and identifying how SDRC can maximise return on existing and on-going investment in the industry. The work will involve situation analysis and market research as well as comprehensive stakeholder consultation.

Destination Management Training Programme for Enterprise Estonia.

(Added January 2012)

In partnership with local company BDA Consulting, TEAM will be providing between January and April 2012 three training modules for tourism organisation staff. The first two modules - Destination Management; and Product Development - will be delivered by TEAM Managing Director, Dr Roger Carter. The final module on Destination Marketing will be delivered by Mady Keup.