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Archive News - 2013

Ballina Shire Destination Management Plan Support.

(Added December 2013)

TEAM was awarded a contract to produce a destination management plan for Ballina Shire Council, located in the far north coast of New South Wales. The destination management plan is a key deliverable in a new state-wide tourism planning system, which aims to double overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.

Beijing International Tourism Marketing Strategy.

(Added December 2013)

In May 2013, TEAM’s MD, Roger Carter, was invited by the Pacific Asia Tourism Association to join a team to prepare a new international tourism marketing strategy and action plan for the Beijing Municipal Commission for Tourism Development. Whilst the BMCTD sought a long term strategy, they also wanted more specific guidance on the reasons for a downturn in international tourism to the city over the past two years and the remedial action required. The report identified target markets short and long term; the improvements required to the city’s environment, infrastructure and visitor experience; and a programme of marketing activity to attract the target markets. This project ran from June to September 2013.

North Wales Regional Marketing Framework.

(Added August 2013)

Tourism Partnership North Wales (TPNW) has appointed TEAM to develop a new tourism marketing framework for North Wales. In consultation with key stakeholders, TEAM will review the current position and identify how to address the challenges and realise the opportunities in the economic climate of tomorrow, taking account of rapid changes in the ways that key market segments are accessing information. Working on this project are TEAM’s Managing Director, Dr Roger Carter and Mid Wales based TEAM associate Andrew Lloyd Hughes.

Ballina and Byron Shires Visitor Economy Product Audit and DMP Support (Australia).

(Added July 2013)

TEAM has been contracted to develop comprehensive product databases profiling the visitor economies of Byron & Ballina shires, and provide planning assistance and guidance on the formulation of their destination management plans. Located in the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia the destination management plans are key deliverables in a new state-wide tourism planning system, which aims to double overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.

Phase 2 work for Amble: Seafood Town.

(Added July 2013)

Commissioned to continue with Phase 2 work for Amble: Seafood Town, TEAM developed proposals for a series of ‘quick wins’ using outline plans and a robust analysis of costs, economic impact and other longer term benefits. The identified quick wins were to create a ‘harbour village and multi-purpose shelter’; a harbour village co-ordinator post, a seafood market broker to facilitate local sales of local fish catch, skills development training and proposals to open up the harbour/quayside area for leisure use. The report included comprehensive details of funding streams that would support each activity and the focus any such application would require. Assisted by TEAM, Northumberland County Council submitted a bid for Coastal Communities Funding which, if successful, will enable this development work to begin.

Staffordshire Visitor Information Strategy.

(Added May 2013)

Destination Staffordshire has commissioned TEAM Tourism Consulting to develop a visitor information strategy, providing clear recommendations as to how Staffordshire can improve awareness of its products amongst actual and potential visitors.

Two consultation workshops are planned for 24th and 25th of June and we are looking at how Staffordshire appears in guide books and on UGC websites as part of the strategy development.

Baltic Bird Project - Improved accessibility of the Baltic Sea Region by air transport.

(Added May 2013)

This is an EU project co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013, with 21 partners from around the BSR area. It started in March 2012 and will last until June 2014. One strand of the project is exploring the relationship between national and local tourism development interests, relevant airports, air operators, relevant national and EU policy, and tour operators with relevance to the Baltic Sea Region.

The work will involve consultations and investigations of relevant best practice and will result in guidelines for tourism development in remote regions, dependent on air transport. TEAM is engaged in various aspects of the work, providing support to the lead contractor, Northpoint Aviation.

Destination and experience development planning framework.

(Added May 2013)

During the first few months of 2013, TEAM has facilitated a variety of workshops and meetings for Northern Ireland Tourist Board, relating to destination management, development of experiential tourism and event-related visitor servicing.

What is a Green Tourist? – a Study for Powys.

(Added April 2013)

Sustainable Tourism Powys has commissioned TEAM Tourism Consulting and ICRETH (Leeds Metropolitan University) to look at the values and expectations of green tourists and the economic benefits associated with green tourism. The aim is to understand how Powys may attract more green tourists and provide greater value to local businesses.

The study will involve a broad online survey of all tourism businesses across Powys, in-depth interviews with businesses and a simple visitor survey. Up to 100 tourism businesses participating in the survey will receive a free marketing analysis from Leeds Metropolitan University, providing feedback on their online marketing.

TEAM to continue to provide South Oxfordshire’s Tourism Marketing Services 2013-16

(Added March 2013)

Previous experience, proven business expertise and willingness to go the extra mile gave South Oxfordshire district council confidence to award a new 3 year contract to TEAM tourism marketing. The new contract extends TEAM’s working relationship with South Oxfordshire to 6½ years and covers website and social media management, building group business, media management and supporting local market towns, industry SMEs and staff. The new contract enables TEAM to continue developing the Midsomer Murders initiative identified for South Oxfordshire which is already delivering tangible results to South Oxfordshire’s visitor economy.

The core team of associates involves project manager Jackie Ellis on website and media, Carmel Dennis on Group Travel and Sarah Osborne on Business Development.

Northumberland County Council gives TEAM green light to deliver phase 2 Amble initiative

(Added March 2013)

TEAM’s phase 1 investigation, the business case for a Made in Northumberland food and drink hub in the traditional fishing port of Amble, involved local primary research and a series of comparator case studies. This work provided evidence showing the considerable potential for delivering food and drink based economic benefit for Amble in alternate ways. Armed with the findings, Northumberland County Council and Amble Development Trust had the information they needed to proceed with Phase 2 work identifying specific actions that to enable Amble to become a recognised centre for seafood and fish – working with local restaurateurs and fishermen, skills and training providers and innovative new food technologies.

TEAM Associate, Jackie Ellis, is the team leader, joined in this project by David Ward-Perkins, Carolyn George and Hilary Knight.

Made in Northumberland Hub - Business Case Development.

(Added February 2013)

Site on Amble Industrial EstateIn partnership with Amble Development Trust and the wider Amble community, Northumberland County Council is considering the development of a food and drink focussed Made in Northumberland hub at a site on Amble industrial estate. The intention is to create a local food experience that extends and strengthens the 'Made in Northumberland' brand, within an iconic setting that will attract both local visitors and tourists.

The Made in Northumberland hub steering group has appointed TEAM to work on a business case development for the hub. The two complementary objectives of this study are to:

  • Determine whether and to what extent the future Made in Northumberland hub is economically and socially viable;
  • Provide forward planning and master planning input that may help progress the project and support further funding applications.

TEAM Associate, Jackie Ellis, is the team leader, joined in this project by Hilary Knight, David Ward-Perkins, Carolyn George, and Jane Brantom.

Follow-up work for Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership.

(Added January 2013)

Following the study into the development of International Business Tourism in the area carried out by TEAM in 2012 (see Archive News 2012), Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership commissioned TEAM to help with a series of workshops to investigate implementation of the recommendations.