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Archive News - 2014

Marketing Sheffield destination marketing and funding review.

(Added September 2014)

Marketing Sheffield is currently undertaking a review of its Destination Marketing operations. TEAM is working with them to review current destination marketing and visitor economy services and look to find potential solutions and new working methods. The review is considering new funding mechanisms such as TBIDs, room rate levies etc, and looking at structures and the desirability of potential future services.

North Oxfordshire Tourism Study.

(Added September 2014)

TEAM is currently working for Cherwell District Council on a tourism study for the district. The study is looking at the overall offer of the area, its current markets and those with growth potential, and potential investment opportunities.

The aim of the Tourism Study is to identify opportunities for tourism growth in the area particularly in terms of capital investment, and the interventions that Cherwell DC can make to facilitate and realise these opportunities.

Tourism Strategy for the City of Hamilton.

(Added September 2014)

TEAM has worked with the Canada Tourism Planning Group and Brain Trust Marketing & Communications, to prepare a Five Year Tourism Strategy for the City of Hamilton, Canada. Having identified the market and development opportunities, the Strategy defines the ways in which the City should develop its tourism sector, in alignment with the City’s Strategic Plan, as well as other regional and provincial tourism strategies.

The work included desk research, stakeholder & community engagement, situation analysis & strategy development, and tourism action plan development, leading to the completion of the Tourism Strategy and Action Plan.

Update on Abergavenny Town Visitor Experience and Distinctiveness study.

(Added September 2014)

TEAM food tourism specialists recently completed a Food & Drink based visitor experience development plan and feasibility study for Abergavenny. Commissioned by Monmouthshire County Council, the development plan shows Abergavenny has the potential to take its place as one of the UK’s principal food tourism destinations – which would be of massive benefit to the local tourism industry and economy.

Based on discussions with stakeholders and on interesting and creative proposals regarding the way forward, the Visitor Experience Development Plan shows how this potential can best be realised over the short to mid-term; and the Feasibility Study spells out practically how this could be done. Monmouthshire County Council has now commissioned a further piece of work and TEAM will deliver a fully costed business plan capable of turning the proposals into practice. This is due for delivery by November 2014.

Review of VE's Strategic Framework for Tourism in England.

(Added June 2014)

TEAM Tourism Consulting, in partnership with The Tourism Company (TTC), will be supporting VisitEngland (VE) in a mid-term review of its Strategic Framework for Tourism in England. The original version, published in 2010, had a ten year horizon. This new version, to be published in 2015, will cover the remaining five year period. The work will include reviewing all relevant research and policy documents in order to assess progress and identify changes in the contextual environment, consultations with VE staff and stakeholders, a brainstorming session and meeting(s) with the Strategic Industry Advisory Group and the VE Board. Whilst VE will clearly be the ‘owner’ of the new version, active partner engagement will continue essential to its development and implementation.

Kent Country Parks Visitor Experience and Income Generation.

(Added June 2014)

Graham Barrow and Jackie Ellis have been working on an appraisal of 8 Country Parks in Kent for the County Council. An illustrated interim report was presented recently and very well received by the client.

Some of the issues the report tackles include the quality of the catering, the charging levels for the car parks, the leasing of land in the parks for events and the overall marketing of the parks. All our proposals have where possible to be supported by a financial case and be illustrated with examples from elsewhere.

The final report will be completed by the end of June.

Trinidad and Tobago - Chaguaramas Planning Framework.

(Added April 2014)

TEAM is part of a consortium led by Halcrow (now part of the CH2M HILL family) that will be delivering a planning framework project for Chaguaramas Development Authority. The project consists of the preparation of a 15 year integrated physical development Master Plan to promote and guide the development of the Chaguaramas Peninsula in NW Trinidad in a sustainable manner.

TEAM will be handling the tourism component, assessing the current state of the industry and reviewing the market and product development opportunities as the basis for developing a long term tourism strategy, linked to the wider strategy being developed by Halcrow/CH2M.

The team for this project include TEAM’s Managing Director, Dr Roger Carter, and TEAM Senior Associate, Jennifer Houiellebecq.

Abergavenny Town Visitor Experience and Distinctiveness study.

(Added April 2014)

TEAM Tourism's strength and expertise in destination tourism based on food and drink has gained further recognition with Monmouthshire County Council's decision to award TEAM the contract for a Food based Visitor Experience and Distinctiveness study for the town of Abergavenny.

The project runs from April - July and will help Abergavenny deliver a year round visitor experience that meets expectations raised by the town's hugely successful annual food festival.

The core team of consultants was also responsible for a food tourism feasibility study for the fishing port of Amble, Northumberland where our business planning work helped secure £1.8m funding grant to implement the study's recommendations.

Latest UNWTO Global Report on the Meetings Industry now released.

(Added April 2014)

TEAM Tourism Consulting is an affiliate member of UNWTO and TEAM Associate, Mady Keup, has writen an article on their latest Global Report series dedicated to the Meetings Industry. The report provides an overall view of the main issues facing destinations aiming to build a competitive meetings industry along with case studies from around the world. Mady’s article entitled ‘Play to your strengths: How to attract the meetings market to your destination’ is featured on page 28-29. Click here to download the report.

Handbook on E-marketing for Tourism Destinations - Fully revised and extended version 3.0.

(Added March 2014)

Handbook on eMarketing 2nd EditionIn March 2014, ETC/UNWTO published the fully revised and extended version 3.0 of their Handbook on E-marketing for Tourism Destinations (handbook prepared by TEAM) . The Handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the continuously changing environment of e-marketing in the tourism sector. This handbook covers all essential aspects of an e-marketing strategy including strategic planning, branding measures, content-building, search engine optimization, e-commerce and email marketing. It also includes valuable information on how to use e-marketing as a way to collaborate with the travel trade and the media alongside recommendations for crisis communication.

In view of the rapid expansion of new technologies in the tourism sector, the Handbook also provides practical information on latest trends and developments in mobile marketing and social media, as well as detailed insight into the measurement of effective e-marketing strategies using the latest technologies. It further outlines current best practices in the ?eld of destination e-marketing and provides destination marketers with a legal framework for their online marketing activities. The publication can be purchased through the UNWTO Infoshop.

TEAM’s Managing Director interviewed for China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) Business FOCUS Magazine.

(Added January 2014)

FOCUSA new section focussing on the successes and experiences of UK SMEs operating or trading in China has recently been added on CBBC’s Business FOCUS Magazine. Roger Carter, TEAM Tourism Consulting’s Managing Director shared advice on approaching the market with greater confidence and dealing with the challenges of doing business in China on the December/January edition of the FOCUS Magazine published in early January 2014 in the print version and on the FOCUS app. (Click here to download the article).

Assessment of the impact of conference tourism to the Greater Manchester area.

(Added January 2014)

TEAM Tourism Consulting have been commissioned by Marketing Manchester to undertake an assessment of the impact of conference tourism to the Greater Manchester area. The study will quantify the economic benefit and jobs supported by conference tourism. We will also develop a model to forecast potential future impacts. The study is a repeat of work previously undertaken for 2009 and 2011.