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Publications Prepared by TEAM

Handbook on eMarketing 2nd EditionSecond Edition of Handbook on e-Marketing for Tourism Destinations (2014)
The European Travel Commission (ETC) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) presented the second edition of the Handbook on Emarketing for Tourism Destinations - fully revised and extended version 3.0 at an E-marketing Seminar in autumn 2013. The handbook provides an overview of current practices in the field of e-marketing as well as practical information to develop e-marketing strategies in tourism using cutting edge technology. The seminar built upon this basis by focusing on three main cornerstones: social media, mobile marketing and key performance indicators (KPIs). It's not only marketing practices that need to be adapted in order to cater to the modern consumer, but also market research has identified new possibilities for exploring the minds of future travellers. See press release here. The publication can be purchased through the UNWTO Infoshop.

Policy and Practice for Global TourismPolicy and Practice for Global Tourism (2011)
Directed at all those working directly in tourism, as well as those simply interested in learning more about this dynamic sector, this publication brings together the ten major themes in world tourism today from sustainability to social networks and market trends to destination competitiveness. Policy and Practice for Global Tourism is available to consult in the UNWTO e-Library and to purchase through the UNWTO Infoshop. A summary is available here.

UNEP Green Economy ReportUNEP Green Economy Report (Tourism Chapter) for United Nations Environment Programme / World Tourism Organisation (with INCAE) (2011)
The UN Green Economy Report demonstrates that the greening of economies is not a constraint on growth, but rather a new engine of development, able to create decent jobs, reduce poverty and address major environmental challenges. More on the Green Economy Report here, tourism chapter available here and the UNWTO Tourism in the Green Economy Leaflet is available here. The background report Tourism in the Green Economy which is an expanded version of the Tourism chapter of the Green Economy Report is also available.

Handbook on e-Marketing for Tourism DestinationsHandbook on e-Marketing for Tourism Destinations (2008)
The first comprehensive e-marketing handbook for tourism destinations has been published by the European Travel Commission (ETC) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The 300 page handbook is a practical 'how to' manual for tourism destination staff at national, regional and city level, designed to help hone e-marketing skills and manage new projects. The book was produced by TEAM with contributions from over 50 experts from around the world. It is on sale from both the UNWTO and the ETC websites at a cost of EURO 75.

A Practical Guide to Tourism Destination Management A Practical Guide to Tourism Destination Management (2007)
A handbook for destination management, produced on behalf of UNWTO, the World Tourism Organization, provides a single authoritative reference handbook that addresses a full spectrum of activities relevant to those involved in integrated destination management. The handbook tackles issues such as structures and management frameworks; provides provide practical guidelines and tools; and includes case studies and best practice examples. The guide can be ordered from the UNWTO website at a cost of EURO 45.

e-Business for Tourism - Practical Guidelines for Destinations and Businessese-Business for Tourism - Practical Guidelines for Destinations and Businesses (2001)
Although published in 2001, this report, produced by TEAM Tourism Consulting on behalf of the World Tourism Organization, still has much value today. It explains the concepts of e-business and Customer Relationship Management and provides an overview of the changing value chains and the evolving role of DMOs. It also offers step-by-step guidelines, with case studies and examples, on how to develop websites for consumers, intermediaries, travel media and tourism businesses. It can be bought from the UNTWO website at a cost of EURO 30.

Marketing Tourism Destinations OnlineMarketing Tourism Destinations Online (1999)
The World Tourism Organization Business Council prepared this report that aims at providing tourism industry professionals, both from the public and private sectors, with a practical guide of the new information and promotion technologies available at the time. Starting with the core tourism product the destination, the study analysed the influence of the Internet on the claim of tourism supply. It focused on the tremendous changes in consumers expectations for the major tourism generating countries caused by the Internet. It explored the activities of new entrants into the travel and tourism industry and described who they are and why they had entered the market. Special attention was paid to Destination Marketing Organization Web Sites, their key features and best practices. Available to purchase through the UNWTO Infoshop. An Excerpt is available here.

Publication prepared by TEAM Associate, Karin Elgin-Nijhuis for UNWTO

Evaluating and Improving Websites Evaluating and Improving Websites - The Destination Web Watch (2005)
Online marketing activities make up an important part of the operational programmes of many DMOs, local, regional and national. The International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT), and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) established a scheme to help DMOs evaluate and benchmark the quality and effectiveness of their web activities and their return on investment. This report, produced by TEAM, is an introduction to the Destination Web Watch scheme and can be bought online at a cost of EURO 30.

Destination World Articles

Special Features

Here are some of the special features we published in the last issue of Destination World. To view others, visit our Articles page.

Seeking Greater Convention Business. Photo © Greater Convention Business: For the travel and tourism industry, conventions can provide major economic boosts to the host community. Regular DW contributor, Peter Tarlow, presents some new ideas for getting the most out of your convention business.

Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions.Corporate Social Responsibility: Meetings industry specialist and TEAM Associate, Tony Rogers, takes an in-depth look at an innovative and pioneering way in which two new meetings venues have included a CSR focus throughout their development.

Do You Really Need New Customers? Photo © You Really Need New Customers? Those of us involved in hospitality often forget that we are a mere spoke in that wheel called retail and that there is much we can learn from the way in which the retail industry is managed, according to hospitality specialist, John R Hendrie.

Master Classes

Our Marketing Master Classes proved popular when they were first published in Destination World and they're still just as useful now. Click on the links below to view:

  • One: Taking an initial look at place and destination branding.
  • Two: Focusing on some of the obstacles faced by places and destinations in delivering their brand promise effectively.
  • Three: Examining some of the practical issues involved with brand development and delivery.
  • Four: Highlighting the value of visitor data as a route to new business, powerful promotion, product improvement, effective metrics... and customer delight.