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20 September 2017

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Interest area: The Application of Information Technology and e-Business Projects
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World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Asian Tourism Trends Report  2017 continuing
World Tourism Organization Business Council Presentations at numerous WTO Seminars on the Impact of the Internet (S America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia).  1999 continuing
Business Visits and Events Partnership Creation and management of website for the UK Business Visits and Events Partnership (  2003/2014
European Travel Commission / World Tourism Organization e-Marketing Handbook for Tourism Destinations 2012 Edition  2011/2013
European Travel Commission Management of New Media Trend Watch internet use tracking website (  2001/2013
Edinburgh Tourism Action Group Tourism Technology Edinburgh: Review and Update, 2012.  2012/2013
UNWTO Tourism Malaysia Workshop on Evaluation of Tourism Promotion  2012
Tourism Partnership Mid Wales Mid Wales Digital Marketing Framework  2011/2012
Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) NITB E-Business Futures - Web platform advice & support  2009/2012
Slovenian Tourist Board Preparation of Development and Marketing Strategy via Social Media in 2011-2012  2011
Scottish Enterprise Research on Technology in Tourism  2011
One North East Benchmarking Review  2010/2011
Edinburgh Tourism Action Group Optimising the use of technology for tourism in Edinburgh  2010/2011
Welcome to Yorkshire e-business consultancy and OJEU tender support  2009/2010
Hampshire County Council Tourism Preparation of a 4-Year DMS Framework Agreement  2009/2010
Yorkshire Moors and Coast Tourism Partnership Research to inform future website strategy  2009
Scottish Enterprise Winning through innovation - workshop facilitation  2009
Tourism South East South East Tourism Industry Connectivity  2008/2009
Hampshire Tourism Partnership Hampshire's DMS/Online Strategy & Action Plan  2008/2009
Fáilte Ireland E-business education & training for staff  2008/2009
BIT Reiseliv Dissemination Project  2008/2009
BIT Reiseliv Booking systems research and analysis - Summary of key findings & conclusions  2008/2009
Slovenia Tourist Board Optimising  2008
Jadranka Hoteli Destination Web Watch Strategic Website Evaluation  2008
Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia E-Marketing Strategy for the Kvarner County Tourism Office  2008
Fáilte Ireland Fáilte Ireland Booking platform consultancy  2008
BIT Reiseliv Booking systems research and analysis  2008
One NorthEast Destination Webwatch Consumer Survey  Download PDF for Destination Webwatch Consumer Survey 2007/2008
European Travel Commission / World Tourism Organization e-Marketing Handbook  2007/2008
Tourism Western Australia Western Australia e-commerce solution and business plan  2007
North West Development Agency North West Tourism ICT Development Opportunities Project  2007
Devon County Council Discover Devon Holiday Line - Evaluation and future options appraisal  2007
Slovenia Tourist Board Web platform consultancy  2006
North West Development Agency Web sites evaluation  Download PDF for Web sites evaluation 2006
Tourism Partnership Mid Wales Website evaluation, e-business strategy and training  Download PDF for Website evaluation, e-business strategy and training 2004/2006
South West Tourism Project management of regional roll-out of the EnglandNet e-business infrastructure   2002/2006
VisitScotland Information and sales strategy research – competitor benchmarking, and technology & channels of distribution   Download PDF for Information and sales strategy research – competitor benchmarking, and technology & channels of distribution  2005
Tourism Ireland E-Marketing Strategy  2005
ONE NorthEast Tendering support for new regional e-business system   2005
Wales Tourist Board VisitWales review, strategy and business plan  Download PDF for VisitWales review, strategy and business plan 2003/2005
Seychelles Tourism Marketing Authority DMS/e-marketing support   2000/2005
Seychelles Tourism Marketing Authority Project Management  2000/2005
Wales Tourist Board DMS Review/Business Plan  2004
VisitBritain Support for preparation of a Business Plan for a European portal.   2004
VisitBritain ISB EnglandNet funding evaluation   2004
North West Development Agency Guidelines and template for the Destination Management Plans to be prepared by the new DMOs   2004
EnglanNet Advisory paper for DMOs  2004
South Staffs (with L&R Consulting) Tourism Strategy - Visitor Information Provision and Destination Management Systems   2002/2003
Marketing Birmingham E-business programme: project management   2002/2003
Advantage West Midlands / East Midlands Development Agency E-Business Strategy & Action Plan for the Heart of England   2002/2003
South African Tourism Presentations and support for E-business strategy workshops.   2002
Slovenia Tourist Board Programme Development and presentations for national e-business conference  2002
Scottish Tourist Board & partners Seminar on e-business activity by NTOs and new Web development techniques   2002
North West Tourist Board Interim project management of NWTB regional ICT co-ordination role   2002
Lincolnshire Tourism Support for implementation of Destination Management System   2002
Enterprise Estonia Preparation of e-business strategy for all areas of operation   2002
Devon Tourism Partnership ICT Strategy and Website Planning   2002
Danish Tourist Board E-business presentation to Tourism Conference  2002
Cheshire County Council Tourism e-business action plan   2002
Marketing Birmingham E-business strategy and action programme: user requirements and project scoping   2001/2002
European Travel Commission Organisation of E-Business Academies for NTO staff  2001/2002
English Tourism Council and England's Regional Tourist Boards E-Tourism Strategy for England   2001/2002
East Devon District Council E-Business Strategy and Action Plan   2001/2002
City of Cape Town Council E-business user requirements analysis for the Joint Marketing Initiative   2001/2002
World Tourism Organization Business Council Co-authorship of 'E-Business for Tourism'  2001
Western Cape Tourism Board E-business partnership development plan   2001
Western Cape Tourism Board E-business user requirements, scoping report and business model  2001
Wales Tourist Board Advice on DMS paper for Welsh Assembly  2001
The Mersey Partnership E-Business strategy   2001
North West Tourist Board Regional e-business policy framework paper   2001
Lancashire Tourism Partnership Project management support   2001
East of England Tourist Board E-Business strategy, business plan and system specifications  2001
Dumfries & Galloway Tourist Board ICT/e-Business Strategy   2001
Scottish Tourist Board & partners Ossian Business Plan  2000/2001
Lancashire Tourism Partnership Design and project management of Web based DMS development   1999/2001
British Tourist Authority NetScope - Country-by-country analysis of the market of Internet users (see also European Travel Commission)  1999/2001
Western Cape Tourism Board E-business strategy and action programme   2000
Wales Tourist Board Plan and Business Model for ICT/DMS systems (with WS Atkins)   2000
Seychelles Tourism Marketing Authority Strategy and implementation plan for a Seychelles DMS Project   2000
Madeira Tecnopolo Strategy and Business Plan for a DMS in Madeira  2000
English Tourism Council and England's Regional Tourist Boards Planning for the English Tourism e-Business Partnership   2000
Cumbria Tourist Board Tourism e-Business Strategy and Action Programme  2000
Cheshire County Council Tourism e-business strategy   2000
Brussels Regional Government DMS Feasibility Study (in conjunction with Interface)  2000
Sefton Borough Council Tourism IT Strategy and implementation plan   1999/2000
GWCE (for Wiltshire County Council) Strategy and business plan for a county-wide DMS & planning for pilot phase implementation   1999/2000
English Tourism Council and England's Regional Tourist Boards Vision and requirements for an integrated national network of Web-enabled systems  1999/2000
World Tourism Organization Business Council Co-authorship of 'Marketing Tourism Destination Online'  1999
Scottish Tourist Board & partners Project Ossian (Scottish DMS) - Business Plan (with Deloitte Touche)   1999
Northumbria Tourist Board Tourism IT Strategy for Northumbria   1999
Napier University The KNITE Project - Establishing a Knowledge Network for IT and Tourism in Europe (for EC DG XIII)   1999
Napier University Survey of IT Usage by European DMOs   1999
Lancashire Tourism Partnership Preparation of a tourism IT strategy and implementation plan  1998/1999
English Tourist Board/Tourism Technology Working Group Preparation of guidelines and templates for the use of IT by tourism organisations in England  1998/1999
World Travel and Tourism Council Electronic marketing proposals for Green Globe   1998
The Mersey Partnership Information and communications technology strategy & follow-up   1998
Scottish Enterprise DMS international Benchmarking   1998
Scottish Enterprise Preparation of a framework for business case analysis of a destination management system  1998
Marketing Manchester Tourism IT Project - Specification of user requirements and advice on project planning  1998
Lancashire Tourism Partnership Design and implementation of a tourism IT strategy workshop   1998