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Dr Anna Spenceley

Associate, South Africa 

Anna SpenceleyExperience

Anna is a tourism consultant with over 20 years’ international experience. She is an expert in sustainable and responsible tourism. She was a founding director of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and sits on their Destination and Accreditation working groups. Anna has a reputation for excellence with the ability to lead and collaborate with multi-disciplinary and multi-language teams.

Core skills and qualifications

Anna has a BSc in zoology and psychology from the University of Bristol (UK) (1st class), a MSc in environmental technology from Imperial College, University of London (UK) (distinction) and a PhD in school of earth and environmental sciences, from the University of Greenwich (UK).
Anna’s affiliations include the following:

  • Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group. She sits on the multi-stakeholder advisory committee of the 10 YFP’s sustainable tourism program, led by UNWTO and UNEP
  • Editorial board of the Journal for Sustainable Tourism, the Journal of Educational Travel and also the journal of South African National Parks – Koedoe
  • Anna is editor of the book ‘Responsible Tourism: Critical issues for Conservation and Development’ and also co-editor of ‘Evolution and Innovation in Wildlife Conservation’ and ‘Tourism and poverty reduction’.


Working in sustainable and responsible tourism, Anna has a particular focus on biodiversity, conservation and protected areas. She has lived and worked in English, French and Portuguese-speaking developing countries for 20 years, contributing to her ability to collaborate with multi-language teams.