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Carole Favre

Associate, France

Carole FavreExperience

Carole works in destinations to develop unique and creative experiences, helping countries gain market advantage by helping them capitalise on their unique selling points to create unique experiences. She is an experienced Tourism Lecturer and Consultant, specialising in teaching small tourism businesses how to access markets.

In the UK, Carole started her tourism career as a Travel Agent specialising in adventure and youth travel. She quickly became a Lecturer in Tourism, teaching, writing and managing tourism A-level and undergraduate programmes.

Core skills and qualifications

Carole holds a DUT en Techniques de Commercialisation (French degree in business and retail), a first class Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Administration (Distinction), and a Masters in Responsible Tourism Management (Distinction, voted Student of the Year 2013 by the ITT).

She has written the manual ‘How to sell excursions to UK Tour Operators’ (published by the Travel Foundation in English, French and Portuguese), as well as articles in The Hospitality Review and Progress in Responsible Tourism. She speaks French, English, Lithuanian and German and has basic understanding of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole and Tetum.


Carole is widely travelled and has independently explored more than 50 countries across all continents. She runs workshops for micro excursion and accommodation providers to support them in designing their business plan, creating memorable experiences, understanding current trends in customer needs, negotiating to link to markets, and digital marketing.

Carole is strongly committed to Responsible Tourism practice. Her work takes place mainly in small emerging and island destinations, contributing to poverty alleviation by facilitating access to western markets.