TEAM Tourism Consulting offers a range of consultancy services for both established and emerging destinations:

  • tourism planning, strategy, development and reorganisation
  • experience development
  • destination branding, marketing and digital
  • consumer trends and tourism insight

TEAM offers extensive experience in preparing and implementing tourism strategies and business plans for many types of destination. We can direct and manage destination planning projects from initiation, through strategy and action planning to implementation.

Asking three key questions – ‘Where are we now?’, ‘Where do we want to be in 5 years’ time?’ and ‘How are we going to get there?’ –  the process can include desk research on markets, resources and impacts; stakeholder consultation; development workshops; action planning with key players; and implementation planning. The latter can include a combination of master-planning, feasibility studies, organisational structures, and branding and marketing. Particular sectors, such as the business tourism sector, or specific issues, such as the provision of visitor services, will often play a key part in the development of client strategies.

TEAM’s tourism consultants also have first-hand experience of restructuring destination organisations (DMOs) in places as far afield as South Africa, Canada and the UK. We have deep understanding of the tourism industry, talk the right language, understand the issues and have successfully developed new DMOs, engaging and consulting across the sector at every level.

A focus on the visitor experience is vital and we are a leader in planning the development of the visitor experience for destinations in North America and Europe. Increasingly, our strategy and planning work is focused on the development of experiences, and draws on pioneering work undertaken in Canada and Australia. Working with our Australian partners EarthCheck in a pioneering project in the Republic of Ireland, we developed a new methodology and template for Visitor Experience Development Plans (VEDPs), which demonstrate ‘best practice’ in this vital aspect of tourism development. We have applied the methodology ourselves in four more VEDPs in 2017.

A range of other specialisms – for example in visitor attractions, cultural routes, heritage sites and visitor management, complements our work on experience development with such aspects often an important part of any review.

TEAM offers rich resources for tourism professionals requiring help to brand, position and market their destination. Our experienced destination consultants think creatively, but are firmly grounded in the realities of the marketplace. More specifically, our consultants have:

  • extensive experience of creating and working with both the public and private sectors, operating across tourism, economic development, regeneration and culture
  • a sound understanding of the rapidly changing tourism marketplace, digital channels, distribution systems, social media, web design best practice and sales solutions
  • global knowledge of DMOs and best in class practice

TEAM undertakes both B2B and B2C market research to inform future strategies and developments. We design research programmes from the ground up providing the right intelligence and insight to underpin later delivery.

A key difference between TEAM’s destination consultants and many other research providers is the wider tourism expertise that we bring to projects. This experience anchors our research work in reality, right from the initial stages through to the final analysis, interpretation and application of findings.


You can find out more about the work we do for destinations around the world by visiting our project highlights page or you can contact us for an informal chat to find out how we can help with your project.