Jennifer Houiellebecq

Senior Consultant, Canada

Jennifer HouiellebecqExperience

Jennifer has worked as Industry Development Specialist for Thompson Okanagan Tourism in BC. She completed the development of a ten-year strategy for the region and remains involved in its implementation. Other projects include the development of a destination tourism plan for Southern Queensland Country (2014), a tourism strategy for the Chaguaramas Master Plan in Trinidad (2014), the facilitation of a corporate planning process for Tourism Saskatchewan (2013), a regional tourism strategy for the Southern Downs Regional Council in Queensland, Australia (2012), a heritage tourism sector plan for Tourism BC (2011), the development of BC’s first green tourism report for the BC Government (2008), a feasibility assessment of proposed ecotourism-based attractions in Guangdong Province, China (2008), the development of the Saudi Arabia tourism and society action plan, and the development of a destination audit toolkit and the identification of community tourism best practices for the Caribbean Region (2004).

Core skills and qualifications

Jennifer holds an undergraduate honours degree in geography (MA) from the University of Dundee in Scotland, a Master of Science degree in recreation geography from the University of Victoria, British Columbia (with input from the University of Washington, Seattle), and an Advanced-Certificate and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing. Jennifer has also completed a year of further studies in international tourism management with the former Asia Pacific International Graduate School of Management.


Jennifer has extensive experience in destination planning, development, and marketing, product development and organisational analysis, and has worked on a wide range of tourism projects in Canada, Australia, the Caribbean Region, China, Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

She has developed over 20 regional, sub-regional, community and sector tourism plans since 2004 in BC. She has worked directly with a broad cross-section of tourism businesses and clients, including a significant number of first nations and indigenous peoples.