A review of international marketing representation for Namibia


Namibia Tourism Board (NTB)

The challenge:

In order to realise Namibia’s full tourism potential in the short to medium term, the Namibia Tourism Board needed to review the way that the country was packaged, presented and represented in its primary target markets.

Services provided:

TEAM was commissioned to review NTB practices, make recommendations and help to implement them. This work included:

  • an information-gathering exercise among 11 NTOS to evaluate both the different types of representation used and the specific representation agencies (RAs) used in each international market
  • a more in-depth investigation among key players from relevant NTOs, RAs and tour operators. This covered current best practice in the operation and evaluation of international offices (including the pros and cons of different forms of representation), critical success factors and the criteria and guidelines for appointing agencies


At the end of the project, TEAM had…

  • provided recommendations on the most effective form of future in-market representation, including preparation of selection criteria and draft contract
  • provided procurement and selection support for a new marketing representative agency in the UK
  • prepared guidelines outlining which type of marketing tools can be applied in various source markets ranging from emerging markets, markets in development phase, markets reaching saturation and markets requiring sustaining