North Oxfordshire tourism study and action plan


Cherwell District Council

The challenge:

TEAM completed a study of tourism in North Oxfordshire for Cherwell District Council. This culminated in the preparation of a 5-year Tourism Development Action Plan aimed at capitalising on the opportunities for tourism growth in this part of Oxfordshire.

Services provided:

TEAM structured the research and consultation programme in line with the brief and as follows:

  1. assessment of existing tourist activity and supply
  2. future demand
  3. growth potential


TEAM produced a report setting out the key findings and conclusions of the study and the Tourism Development Action Plan 2015-2020. The action plan included a number of measures designed to attract more visitors to stay in the area and encourage local residents to discover their heritage and culture, and to shop and eat out.

The study showed good potential for hotel development in Bicester and Banbury and scope for the development of other forms of visitor accommodation in the rural parts of the district.