A visitor experience development plan for the Skellig Coast, Republic of Ireland


Fáilte Ireland

The challenge:

Team Tourism Consulting worked in partnership with EarthCheck and Boland Marketing to develop a visitor experience plan for the Skellig Coast. The strategic aim of the plan was to create new memorable experiences ‘on the ground’ to motivate people to visit and ensure a high level of visitor satisfaction. The area is positioned as an integral part of the Wild Atlantic Way, using its themes and brand and addressing its target markets and segments. The project had the additional objective of influencing the funders, infrastructure and human resources required to develop an internationally-recognised visitor experience.

The objectives of the project itself were to:

  • enthuse and engage businesses and local partners
  • maintain business engagement beyond the project’s lifetime
  • build lasting links between national partners and local tourism experiences

Services provided:

These included research and desktop reviews, a visioning workshop, and a workshop with a project working group. Stakeholder consultation combined with the workshop outcomes allowed TEAM to create a visitor experience development plan (VEDP).

The VEDP was constructed following a thorough investigation including experience development workshops, presentations to the project working group, and a knowledge transfer workshop. The resulting Skellig Coast Experience Development Plan was delivered to the working group, had refined KPIs and incorporated all feedback from pilot project plans before the final deliverable was submitted.


The VEDP outlines all the steps necessary to ensure that tourism businesses can create new visitor experiences on the ground under the direction of the steering group.