A tourism strategy for the Thompson Okanagan region of British Columbia


Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA)

The challenge:

TOTA commissioned the preparation of a regional strategy to provide a ‘road-map’ to give direction for the development of tourism within the region over ten years and a framework for stakeholders to work together towards a shared vision and common goals. It is a region where traditionally the stakeholders have not worked together well, so it was a primary requirement to engage them in the process, during both the information and opinion gathering stage and in the strategy development work.

Services provided:

Extensive desk research and a review of international, national, provincial, regional and local strategies. TEAM re-analysed existing data and completed field research, which included site visits and one-to-one discussions with tourism operators and related organisations. TEAM also held workshops to focus on the opportunities for the development of Aboriginal cultural tourism.


The draft summary was presented to 175 attendees at the annual Thompson Okanagan Tourism Summit as a keynote session. The Summit also included an opportunity for delegates to review display material about the strategy and provided time for feedback and discussion within an ‘open house’ area.