TEAM’s tourism services complement our destination consulting practice, directly providing operational services that deliver clients’ needs while also benefitting from our strategic and advisory work:

  • in-market representation
  • market insight
  • management development
  • project delivery

The UK and USA are consistently high performing outbound markets and we enable tourist boards, overseas destinations, resorts, business travel companies and others to obtain more business from the UK, working with tour operators, travel industry PR and DMCs.

Our representation services typically include:

  • research and insight
  • marketing strategy development
  • paid media campaigns and media relations
  • brand partnerships
  • PR campaigns and influencer marketing
  • social media
  • travel trade support and trade marketing
  • airline route development and marketing
  • marketing and sales through OTAs

Robust market research is often the bedrock of successful destination development and we offer a range of market research services for our clients, as elements of strategic reviews and other specific tools to measure visitor perceptions over time, assess business performance or the impact of new proposals.

We design and run all sorts of courses and stand-alone seminars, innovation workshops and professional development activities. For example, we can provide:

  • strategic briefings on global tourism trends and today’s consumer – tailored and delivered by renowned experts, of benefit to board and director level, ministers and companies
  • executive seminars – one or two-day seminars, targeting senior executives in ministries, DMOs and development organisations for many different aspects of tourism including sustainability, brand and marketing, improving quality and developing visitor services
  • strategic planning and operational training on all aspects of digital including tools and trends in digital marketing, website design, search engine optimisation, exploiting social media channels, CRM and mobile

We help DMOs and other organisations to deliver their projects helping with concept testing; technical assistance and project management. Areas of technical assistance typically include:

  • advancing product, experience and itinerary development, drawing on international best practice including concept, design, packaging, pricing and distribution
  • engaging and working with inbound travel trade and distributors to develop the right solutions by using TEAM’s knowledge and connections
  • involving local stakeholders and engaging micro-businesses in product design, development and delivery
  • planning and delivering B2B marketing incorporating both digital and traditional channels, with trade education programmes
  • developing new destination visitor services, to improve the quality of the welcome, including smart cards and other travel planning tools


You can find out more about the work we do for destinations around the world by visiting our project highlights page or you can contact us for an informal chat to find out how we can help with your project.